Could an ex-employee be planting ransomware on your firm’s network?

We’ve all seen too many instances where vengeful former employees have tried to sabotage their former employer’s network.  Even when their employers remember to revoke access for the individual, they often find other ways in — like using a former colleague’s credentials or having previously created another user on the system with credentials. But would they go so far as to deploy ransomware?  Graham Cluley writes about allegations of that in Connecticut: 33-year-old Yigit Ali Ercan, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been arrested after allegedly hacking into his former employer’s computer system. … Ercan’s LinkedIn profile suggests he was the head of operations at Westport-based Stamford Metal Group until September 2020, where he “presided over strategy, legal, finance, marketing, IT, HR and concept development functions.” Ercan, who has pleaded not guilty is out on bond. Read more on More