Ca: After daycare site data theft, Quebec National Library shutting briefly for security upgrade

Selena Ross reports: Quebec’s Bibliotheque Nationale is shutting down, and going partly offline, until next Tuesday because it uses the same technology company that served the daycare booking website that had its data stolen earlier this week. “Following the attack on the government site La Place 0-5 earlier this week, the Government Cyber ​​Defense Center (CGCD) recommended that all public bodies doing business with the technology vendor involved immediately shut down access to their digital services,” said the library in a release. Read more on CTV. Ross had previously reported on the La Place 0-5 breach that impacted 5,000 families who had used the daycare booking site: The group in charge of La Place 0-5, Quebec’s portal to help parents find a daycare, say they have secured the breach that allowed a hacker to get his or her hands on the files. The site remains closed, however. In a news release Tuesday, the Cooperative Enfance Family, which manages the site, explained that an “unauthorized person” got access to the daycare waiting list and downloaded the files of families on the list, including private information.DataBreaches.netRead More