D.C. police identify man who allegedly reposted data stolen from police computers

Tom Jackman reports: D.C. police on Monday posted a photo of a man they believe may have reposted data that was stolen from the department in the recent hack of their computer system. Later Monday, the police tweeted that they had identified the man. But the police declined to discuss the man further, beyond a Twitter post that said the department was seeking to identify him for “reposting of MPD’s illegally accessed data on social media platforms.” Read more on The Washington Post If they find him, it will be interesting to see what he is actually charged with. If they start really prosecuting people for reposting stolen data, then what will happen to all the commercial sites that currently allow people to access data or purchases data? And what happens to all the sites like Raid Forums, XSS.is, Exploit.in, etc., who all repost and share data dumps from stolen or leaked data? This really can’t be charges for just re-posting without opening up a flood of issues.DataBreaches.netRead More